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Summit Laboratories is a boiler water treatment company that specializes in custom solutions and customer service in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Our team at Summit Laboratories can help you manage and maintain the boiler water treatment systems for your facilities, while reducing water and energy use.

The benefits of working with Summit Laboratories go beyond testing and monitoring your water. As experts in boiler water treatment, we can provide your business and facilities with traditional chemical treatment methods as well as the latest technologies.

Why Steam
Boiler Water
Is Important

Boiler water chemistry has a direct impact on your boiler’s efficiency, life expectancy and fuel usage. Improper water treatment may cause scale formation and issues with corrosion. Scale formation in the boiler reduces energy efficiency, which increases fuel costs.  Corrosion reduces the life expectancy of your boiler. When boiler water is left untreated, these common problems will result in your boiler water system being less efficient, more expensive and could possibly lead to temporary plant shutdown and premature mechanical failure.

Services We Offer

Summit Laboratories can analyze your boiler water quality and recommend products and services. We will identify the most efficient and cost effective solutions to prevent future build-up of scale and eliminate the need for boiler acid cleaning (descaling the water side of the boiler). Our team of experts can provide you with a boiler water control system to further ensure the elimination of scaling and corrosion in your boiler systems.

Summit Laboratories offers the following services for steam boiler systems:

Chemical water treatment and monitoring

Water Treatment feed and control automation equipment

Online platform for logging system data

Scheduled water treatment consulting service

Operator training

Corrosion Analysis

Troubleshooting and solving water treatment-related issues

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Coupled with expert services, Summit Laboratories offers a complete line of boiler water treatment products:

Oxygen scavengers
Sulfites (liquid and powder), organics (DEHA, Carbohydrazide, erythorbic acid)

Scale control
Polymers, phosphates, chelants, various blends

Condensate treatment
Concentrated amine blends

Boiler Cleaning
New system boil-out chemicals, on-line descalers

Custom Blends
Contact Summit Labs for special situation blends and personalized services. We have formulated low-phosphate blends, on-line descalers, one-drum products and custom oxygen scavengers for our customer needs.


Summit Laboratories can supply your company with the necessary equipment to control your boiler water treatment systems, including the chemical feed.
Our team can provide customized equipment recommendations to fit your boiler operating conditions, performance goals and budget.

  • Conductivity Controllers
  • Blowdown Valves
  • Sample Coolers
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Dosing Pumps
  • Injection Quills
  • Water Meters

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