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Summit Laboratories has helped customers save 197 million gallons of water per year. We have the experience, products and equipment necessary to help you reduce water usage and do your part for Colorado’s drought conditions.

At Summit we reuse all containers for our chemicals. All empty containers can be returned by Summit at no charge to the customer. Reusing containers reduces waste and the environmental impact of our operation.

Environmental Impact of Chemicals & Equipment

Cooling towers that use Denver Water make up can typically save 40% of bleed rates with a relatively simple change in their chemical program. Savings of 60% or more are attainable with upgraded feed and control equipment.

Steam boiler water use can also be reduced with the appropriate chemical program and feedwater quality. Is your boiler blowing down too much? Not only will you save water and chemicals by reducing blowdown, but fuel savings can easily amount to $40,000++ per year for a 500 HP boiler.

Industrial Water Conservation Tips

Is your sand filter backflushing daily or more frequently? Only backflush when the pressure differential indicates a dirty sand filter.  See your sand filter owner’s manual for recommendations.

If your cooling tower or boiler conductivity is not operating at its conductivity/TDS setpoint, find out why. The most common reasons for low conductivity are:

– Leaking solenoid bleed valves

– Overflowing cooling towers, check the float or level control!

– Manual boiler blowdown, poor control over conductivity

– Leaks within the plant

How often are you blowing down the boiler? Ask your service representative for a recommendation. Systems with high purity or soft water do not require as much blowdown as you may think.

Is your boiler TDS/Conductivity maximized? A.S.M.E. guidelines allow for relatively high conductivities providing you have good quality feedwater. If your feedwater quality is not up to par, we can help get it there! Ask your service representative for more information.

Are you losing condensate from your steam boiler? Repairing condensate leaks not only saves water, but the heat content is very valuable and will reduce your boiler fuel usage.

Does your closed chilled or hot water loop make up water? Finding the leak saves water and reduces corrosion and scale in the loop. We can provide a tracer dye to help locate leaks. Pump seals and pressure relief valves are common items that leak.

Are you using once-through cooling for equipment? Either convert it to a closed cooling loop or take that water and redirect it from the drain to another water user (cooling tower).

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