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We are proud to serve a vast number of industries in the Rocky Mountain region and provide customized chemicals and services to fit the specific needs of our customers.

Healthcare & Hospitals

At Summit Laboratories, our team of experts understand that properly treating your water impacts the health and safety of your patients and employees. We offer customized solutions to ensure that your facility is safe, efficient and up to industry and environmental standards.

  • Boiler Water Treatment
    • Hospitals use steam for a variety of applications including heating of domestic water, heating HVAC hot water, humidification and sterile processing. Proper water treatment and maintenance of boilers is critical in order to maintain these facility services. Our team can provide customized steam boiler solutions to fit the needs of your facility. >> Learn more
  • Cooling Tower Treatment
    • Cooling Towers are used in HVAC cooling applications for many healthcare facilities. Without proper treatment and monitoring, cooling towers can develop scale, corrosion and slime. Learn how our team can assess your current cooling tower system and help mitigate these issues. >> Learn more
  • Closed Loop Treatment
    • Closed loop systems pump both chilled water and hot water throughout healthcare facilities. In order to prevent corrosion, it is critical to select the proper corrosion inhibitor and to monitor these systems. Learn how our team can help provide customized water treatment solutions for your closed loop system. >> Learn more
  • Secondary Disinfection and Legionella
    • It is critical to develop and implement a water management plan to reduce your facility’s Legionella risk and meet industry standards. Our team of experts can help provide personalized solutions and water management plans to meet ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2018 guidelines. Additionally, our team is an official distributor for Sanipur secondary disinfection systems that can be used to treat domestic water.
  • RO/DI Monitoring
    • Many hospitals and healthcare facilities utilize Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Deionization (DI) systems for sterile processing. Our team at Summit Labs can assist with maintaining and monitoring these systems to ensure proper water quality. >> Learn more

Commercial HVAC

Many commercial buildings rely on cooling towers and closed loop systems in order to control temperature to heat and cool their building. Our team has extensive experience in developing water treatment programs for these applications. Learn more about our cooling tower and closed loop solutions.

Breweries & Distilleries

Breweries use steam for a wide range of critical applications including brewing, clean-in-place (CIP), heating water, kegging, canning and bottling. Proper water treatment will help maintain boiler systems and prevent common problems, such as scale and corrosion. Mitigating these issues can help reduce both your maintenance and energy costs.

General Manufacturing

Manufacturing processes often require heating and cooling, which can be provided through cooling towers, steam boilers or closed loop systems. Our Summit Labs team can provide customized water treatment for these systems to ensure reliable and efficient operation through the management of corrosion and scaling.

We currently serve injection moulding business, packaging manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers for their water treatment needs.

Ice Rinks

In order to operate safely, ice skating rinks must maintain their ice at a proper temperature. Our team at Summit Labs is fully equipped to provide the water treatment needed for chiller and ammonia refrigeration systems to maintain proper heat transfer and run efficiently.

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration systems often use an ammonia refrigeration system. Our Summit Labs team will assess and prepare your customized water treatment program to keep your evaporative condenser tubes free of slime and scale formation. Systems that are not properly passivated may develop issues with white rust corrosion.

District Heating & Cooling

Large steam networks present unique problems for water treatment, and it is often difficult to protect these large networks from corrosion. Summit Labs offers unique and personalized solutions for these boiler systems with proven results.

New Construction

Summit Laboratories routinely provides water treatment consultations for new building construction, as well as quotes on equipment, chemicals and services. Getting a proper start on water treatment is critical for the longevity and energy efficiency of your system.

Our experience in new construction ensures that your water treatment program is properly designed, cleaned, and started up to meet and exceed engineer’s standards. We retain most of our construction jobs as on-going customers after the warranty phase. Our programs can be designed to maximize your LEEDs points towards Green Building certification.

We provide:

  • New system loop cleaning chemicals and services
  • Boiler boil-out procedures and chemicals
  • Glycol feeders
  • Custom engineered cooling tower controls, chemicals, tanks, corrosion coupon racks
  • Custom engineered steam boiler controls, chemicals, tanks, injection quills, shot feeders
  • Water meters 
  • Solenoid bleed valves
  • Water softeners and salt
  • Side stream filtration
  • Glycol – bulk, drums, totes
  • By-pass and filter feeders
  • Electronic documentation of work performed for validation 
  • On-going services during and after the warranty phase

Our Happy Customers

Quality, service, and cost‒ Summit Labs works out the best for Tommyknocker Brewery. We always feel that Doug has our boiler’s chemistry & long-term operating condition handled, worry-free.

Director of Brewing Operations

Summit has saved our facility and has never given up to get things on track and maintain our systems to the best they can be. Summit has provided us with endless support when we have had questions and concerns. If Summit doesn’t have the answer they will find the answer. Summit is a company that every water treatment company should be looking at because they have set standards so high, it should be what every treatment company should want for the people they serve.

healthcare Facilities Manager

Summit has provided excellent service over the years.  We’ve had no issues with our Cooling and Heating systems since bringing on Summit Labs to treat the water in those systems.

building engineer

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