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Summit Laboratories specializes in industrial reverse osmosis and pretreatment services in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

ARE Important

Reverse Osmosis is used to reduce the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in applications where water purity beyond raw water quality is needed.  Pretreatment is required to extend the useful life of RO (Reverse Osmosis) membranes and ensure consistent performance.  Pretreatment includes carbon filters, water softeners and pretreatment chemicals for scale prevention in the RO membrane.

Services We Offer

Summit Laboratories offers the following services for industrial reverse osmosis & pretreatment:

Monitoring of RO Equipment Performance

Scheduled Maintenance for RO Systems

RO Membrane Replacement

DI Bottle services for ultrapure applications


Our team at Summit Laboratories can provide customized equipment recommendations to fit your RO system needs and budget.

Carbon Filters

Water Softeners

Chemical Feed Equipment

RO Units

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