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Summit Laboratories specializes in closed loop water treatment chemicals and services. We treat chilled water, heating hot water, glycol and process loops.

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Why Closed
Loop Water
Is Important

Closed loop water treatment has a direct impact on your system’s efficiency, life expectancy and fuel usage. Improper water treatment may cause scale formation and corrosion issues. These common problems could result in reduced efficiency and higher operating costs for your closed loop system.

Services We Offer

Summit Laboratories offers the following services for closed loop systems:

Chemical water treatment

Bacteria testing and remediation

Corrosion monitoring

Rust/iron removal

Loop volume checks

Regular water treatment consulting service


Coupled with expert services, Summit Laboratories offers a complete line of closed loop water treatment products.

  • Nitrite treatment
  • Molybdate treatment
  • Potable treatment
  • Biocides
  • Low conductivity/TDS treatment (all organic)
  • Treatment for systems containing aluminum


Summit Laboratories can supply your company with the necessary equipment to control your chilled water loops, hot water loops, glycol loops and process loops.
Our team can provide customized equipment recommendations depending on your operating conditions and performance goals for your facility and budget.

  • Glycol feeders
  • Bypass/pot feeders
  • Filter feeders
  • Automated chemical feed systems

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