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Water treatment keeps your facility safe, efficient and up to industry and environmental standards.

At Summit Laboratories, our team of experts can help assess the problems you may be facing with your water treatment systems and suggest the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your specific business and environment.


Untreated cooling water will corrode system metallurgy. This corrosion can lead to decreased efficiency, preliminary failure of equipment and plant downtime.

In a steam boiler system, corrosion reduces the life expectancy of your boiler and can quickly result in tube failure and plant shutdown. A properly-operating deaerator and an appropriate chemical program will greatly extend the life of your boiler by addressing corrosion. 

Summit Laboratories can analyze your system’s performance and make both mechanical and chemical recommendations to halt existing water side corrosion.


Cooling water is commonly used to reject heat from a chiller or manufacturing process. Untreated cooling water will allow scale to form in this heat exchange equipment reducing system efficiency.

Boiler scale and deposits form when impurities precipitate onto hot boiler tubes. This insulates the boiler tubes and requires excess fuel usage to generate the same amount of steam. A moderately scaled 250 HP boiler consumes $37,000 more fuel than the same “clean” boiler. If left untreated, boiler acid cleaning is required to remove the scale.

Controlling incoming water hardness and iron levels is key in order to reduce system scale. Our team can analyze your water quality and recommend anti-scale chemicals that are customized for your needs. We assure you, the fuel savings will show a quick and measurable payback!


If cooling water goes untreated, it will support the growth of slime-forming microorganisms in your heat exchange equipment. 

Summit Laboratories offers chemicals to address and prevent slime issues in cooling towers. Our team can identify the customized water treatment you need to help minimize power consumption, extend the life of your equipment and eliminate the need to shut down for cleaning. Contact us for a free water analysis and to create a customized plan.


Legionella bacteria are present in many water supplies and can grow in cooling towers and domestic water systems. Summit Laboratories can perform Legionella water testing to verify the presence or absence of Legionella and provide treatment methods to help control this potentially harmful bacteria. 

Cooling towers are susceptible to high levels of Legionella bacteria due to their operating conditions and temperatures. Additionally, domestic hot and cold water systems can allow Legionella to thrive. Hospital and Health-Care facilities can be at risk for Legionella growth due to reduced domestic hot water temperatures. A monitoring and control program should be in place to ensure a clean system. It is crucial to develop and implement a water treatment plan to reduce your healthcare facility’s Legionella risk. 

Are you properly mitigating risk for Legionella in your cooling tower and domestic water systems? Contact us to request your free water treatment assessment today.

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