cooling tower equipmentSummit Laboratories is a participating member of the Association of Water Technologies, which supports water treatment companies and programs across the United States and advocates for cleaner water standards and technologies in the industry. As an expert in water treatment options in Denver, Summit Laboratories believes in creating sustained efforts within our field and scope of work that helps to conserve the earth’s natural resources.   Outlined below is our company environmental statement, which promotes green and sustainable practices in water treatment programs. Summit Laboratories advocates for supporting and cultivating energy efficiency in water treatment. These include green and sustainable chemistry practices, i.e. a chemical philosophy encouraging the design of products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances and prevents pollution at its source. Summit Laboratories also supports:
  • The prevention of accidental or intentional spills or releases of substances to water systems that may cause environmental harm.
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals and processes
  • The conservation of energy and water resources through reduction, recycling, reuse, clarification, softening, filtration, cleanup via reverse osmosis, and high cycles strategies.
  • Safer products and reduced costs for end‐of‐pipe treatments.
  Summit Laboratories is committed to setting the bar high on the standards for green water treatment technologies with our projects and customers. To learn more contact Summit Laboratories and our green practices visit us at or (303) 293-9682.