As a trusted expert in water treatment options in Denver, Summit Laboratories can help your company meet industry standards for your business. This includes water treatment options for your business such as cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loop systems. An example is helping your company meet the requirements for the ASHRAE 188-2015 Standard and certification process. What is the ASHRAIE 188-2015 Standard? The ASHRAE Standard addresses the prevention and mitigation of Legionella in water systems. It applies to both potable and non-potable water systems, and to all buildings that utilize a cooling tower, evaporative condensers, whirlpools, spas, ornamental fountains, misters, atomizers, air washers, humidifiers, or any devices that release water aerosols. For potable water systems this standard specifically applies to systems that house:
  • Multiple housing units with centralized heating potable systems
  • Building with10 or more stories (including stories below ground)
  • Most healthcare facilities
  • Retirement or assisted care facilities
How Do You Comply with the ASHRAE 188-2015 Standard? To meet this standard companies are required to develop a Water Management Plan – WMP, which outlines its procedures for starting up, maintaining, shutting down, and remediating legionella issues for all systems identified on a given site. How Do You Develop a WMP? The WMP can be enforced by OSHA and possibly JCAHO for hospitals, and your site will require certifications and testing. Developing a WMP without the guidance of a water treatment expert can be costly and time consuming. Summit Laboratories can produce a WMP that is compliant with this standard, and take much of the burden off you and your business as we already have a team of consultants familiar with what’s needed for compliance and certification. Summit Laboratories can help you determine how to:
  • Put together the WMP internally or by using an outside source.
  • Form a team to address the steps for this standard
  • Work with management and engineers.
  • Provide consultancy during the process and partner with HC Info, the leading consultant on this topic.
More information on the standard can be found at To learn more contact Summit Laboratories at 303-293-9862.