During June 2017, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) chimed in on their position regarding the facilities they certify and water management plans relating to the minimization of legionella risks. Bottom line, to avoid a citation for non-compliance a facility must develop and adhere to policies and procedures that minimize the risk of legionella and other pathogens in their water systems. To comply, CMS expects facilities to develop a plan, and they recommend that the facilities follow those water management plans as outlined in the ASHRAE 188 Standard. While this requirement is specific to certain health care facilities, it demonstrates a continuing trend towards requiring sites to be aware of, and minimize the potential for legionella risks through competent implementation of water treatment programs. Industrial water treatment companies in Denver, such as Summit Laboratories, can assist at various levels of water management plan development and implementation. If you have questions, contact Summit Laboratories and start the conversation.