The use of solids to treat your condenser water systems at your business has come a long way since it was first introduced in the industry as a water treatment option in the year 2000. If you are considering using solids as a “green chemical strategy” or alternative to treating with liquid products at your site, here’s some background that can help you in your decision-making.
  • The use of solids can be safer to use, deliver, and store on your site. No containment is required.
  • At Summit Labs, we offer treatment products and dissolving boards by APTech Group.
  • The solid material we use in the form of a disc can be stacked – which overcomes the issue of empty containers and related inventory control challenges.
  • Testing for the material in the system is simplified using PTSA as a tracer in the formulations. The PTSA can be tested with a handheld meter or can monitored and controlled with an online fluorometer, which takes the guess work out of controlling the product.
  • There are dissolving boards and oxidizer products that can be implemented for the biocide portion of the program. The oxidant dissolving boards are appropriate for applications in condenser water systems with volumes in the 2,000- to 3000-gallon range.
Benefits to using solids for your green chemical strategy include:
  • A product rated as “non-hazardous” to treat your condenser water
  • A treatment program usually favored for use by LEED auditors
  • A product that promotes a safer workplace for your employees and tenants
  • A product that doesn’t sacrifice performance and can be held to the same expectations of a liquid program regarding scale, corrosion, and bacteria control.
Summit Laboratories can help your company meet industry standards for your water treatment needs.  We offer water treatment options for your business that include cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loop systems, and all related control and dosing equipment. To learn more contact Summit Laboratories at 303-293-9862.