Industrial Water Treatment Companies that use sacrificial anodes as part of their cooling tower treatment strategies can contribute to their results in a significant manner. Sacrificial anodes provide concentrated corrosion protection to surfaces within the vicinity of where they are installed. While they are not used to protect the surfaces throughout the system, they are very effective at minimizing corrosion on the surfaces of the end bells and tube sheets of the condenser. Using sacrificial anodes as part of an overall condenser water treatment strategy makes sense especially in systems where mechanical cooling is alternated with free cooling. During free cooling operation, the chillers are idle and the water in the condenser is not flowing. Stagnant water conditions can make it difficult to control corrosion. When sacrificial anodes are used as part of the condenser water treatment program, the surfaces are well passivated and can withstand the “no flow” periods during these times of the year. Industrial Water Treatment Companies like Summit Laboratories have the experience and can help develop the best strategy for treating your condenser water throughout the course of the year. Contact Summit Laboratories or call us at 303-293-9862 if you have questions.