Specialty Products

Glycol – Ethylene & Propylene

Organic oxygen scavengers for high pressure boilers: – carbohydrazide
– erythorbic acid / iso ascorbic acid

Antifoams / defoams

Loop cleaning and new system cleaners

Boil-out chemicals for boiler startup and initial cleaning

Potable corrosion inhibitors
– new system chlorination

Loop cleaning and new system cleaners. We use a multipurpose cleaner used to clean new and existing piping systems, for boiler boil-out and in cleaning new and operational cooling tower systems. It will penetrate, lift and disperse oil, grease, biofilm, and loose corrosion debris and mill residues. It will lift and disperse various organic and inorganic foulants in such a way that they remain uniformly suspended in the water for complete removal through system draining, on-line purge flushing, filtration or a combination of these removal procedures.
This is especially effective in cooling tower systems for the remediation of microbiological films, algae build-up and to immediately stop the under deposit corrosion produced by iron and sulfate reducing bacteria.

Defoam 18 is a concentrated antifoam for use in cooling towers, water treatment plants, and metal processing facilities. The product contains emulsified defoaming agents that quickly eliminate foam.
As a highly concentrated emulsion, Defoam 18 feed rates are very low which can significantly reduce costs. The product can be fed using common diaphragm metering pumps of slug fed with higher capacity pumps the product does not freeze, so outside storage is acceptable.