Summit Laboratories, Inc., a boiler water treatment company, has been a leader in chemical water treatment services since 1986. We specialize in customer service and water treatment solutions for use in cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loop systems and waste water treatment.  As a leader in Colorado and in the nation among companies that provide boiler water treatment, we can help you manage and maintain the water treatment systems for your facilities, and ensure that your systems operate efficiently, while reducing water and energy use. Our current clients include healthcare facilities, power generation plants, manufacturing facilities, and other businesses that utilize boiler and cooling water. Based in Denver, we service over 300 customers in the Rocky Mountain region. The benefits of working with Summit Laboratories go beyond simple testing and monitoring your water. As an expert company in boiler water treatments, we can provide your business and facilities with traditional chemical treatment methods as well as the latest technology such as green chemical methods and solutions. Boiler water treatment has a direct impact on your boiler’s efficiency and fuel use. Improper water treatment can create scale formation and corrosion. Scaling can then insulate boiler tubes and require increased fuel use.  A boiler with scale build-up will consume more fuel and cost money more than a clean boiler. Corrosion also reduces the life expectancy of your boiler equipment. Summit Laboratories can assess your boiler and water treatment systems to suggest the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your specific business and environment. Summit Laboratories can also analyze your boiler and water quality, and recommend products to prevent future build-up of scaling and deposits, and eliminate the need for boiler acid washing. Summit Laboratories can provide you with a boiler monitoring system to further ensure the elimination of scaling and corrosive properties in your boiler water systems. All our work is performed by our Certified Water Technologists (CWT) and representatives with a high degree of knowledge in chemical engineering as it relates to boiler water treatment solutions. Coupled with expert services, Summit Laboratories offers a complete line of boiler water treatment products, which include: Oxygen scavengers – sulfites (liquid and powder), organics (DEHA, Carbohydrazide, erythorbic acid) Scale control – polymers, phosphates, chelants, various blends Condensate treatment – concentrated amine blends Boiler Cleaning – new system boil-out chemicals, on-line descalers Custom Blends – contact Summit Labs for special situation blends. We have formulated low-phosphate blends, on-line descalers, one-drum products and custom oxygen scavengers for our customers. Summit Laboratories can supply your company with all the equipment necessary to control your boiler water treatment systems, including the chemical feed. Summit Laboratories can customize the equipment for your operating conditions for your boiler water systems, and tailor the system to meet your budget as well as your performance goals for your facilities. To request a free assessment of your boiler water treatment systems from Summit Laboratories contact us today at 303-293-9862. To learn more about Summit Laboratories and our expertise as a leading company in the field of boiler water treatment and other water treatment services, visit us