Water Treatment Services

5pic Our field service representatives will visit your site on a regular basis to ensure our products perform as expected. Expertly-trained personnel will monitor your water quality and make recommendations as conditions change. Our field representatives manage smaller territories than most of our competitors, so we can take the time to investigate potential problems and help you understand the impact of water quality issues. What can you expect from us during service visits? -Water analysis of all treated systems -Controller calibration -Equipment inspections -On-going operator training -Review of log sheets -Recommendations for improvement -Cost reduction ideas -Inventory monitoring -Performance monitoring To help monitor the performance of our program, we can utilize the following tools: -Condenser approach temperatures -ATP / Bacteria analyzer -Corrosion coupon studies and monitoring -Water chemistry material balances -Microbiological studies -Biofouling monitors -Video boroscope inspection -Deposit analysis -Dissolved oxygen studies -Metallurgical analysis

New Construction Services

construction pic Summit Laboratories routinely provides equipment, chemicals, and services for new building construction. Our experience in new construction ensures that your water treatment program is properly designed, cleaned, and started up to meet and exceed engineer’s standards. We retain most of our construction jobs as on-going customers after the warranty phase. Our programs can be designed to maximize your LEEDs points towards Green Building certification. We provide: – new system loop cleaning chemicals and services – boiler boil-out procedures and chemicals – glycol feeders – custom engineered cooling tower controls, chemicals, tanks, corrosion coupon racks – custom engineered steam boiler controls, chemicals, tanks, injection quills, shot feeders – water meters – solenoid bleed valves – water softeners and salt – side stream filtration – glycol – bulk, drums, totes – by-pass and filter feeders – electronic documentation of work performed for validation – on-going services during and after the warranty phase