Legion Legionella bacteria are present in many water supplies and can thrive in cooling towers and domestic water systems. Summit Laboratories can help you verify the presence or absence of this bacteria and provide treatment methods to help control this potentially harmful bacteria. Cooling towers are susceptible to high levels of Legionella bacteria due to their operating conditions and temperatures. Your biocide program may not be appropriate for the control of this bacteria. Additionally, domestic hot and cold water systems can allow Legionella to thrive. Hospital and Health-Care facilities can be at risk to Legionella growth due to lower hot water temperatures. A monitoring and control program should be in place to ensure a clean system. Which is the best treatment for your system? Chlorine? Ozone? UV? Chlorine Dioxide? Copper Silver? Each treatment has pros and cons – we can help sort through the viable treatment options! For more information, please contact Summit Laboratories.

Legionella Links

Cooling Technology Institute technical paper regarding Legionella and the best practices for control of this bacteria. Adobe Acrobat is required to view this document. Click here if you need to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader. OSHA guidelines for plastic injection molding and Legionella safety. OSHA Technical Manual for Legionaire’s Disease.