Over the past several years, all things “green” have worked their way into almost all products and services, including the activities of industrial water treatment companies.  Truth be known, properly designed industrial water treatment systems have always had “green” characteristics, whether it has been framed as a “green” initiative or just plain good water treatment.  The purpose of a properly administered industrial water treatment system is to minimize corrosion, prevent deposits, and control bacteria, while minimizing water and energy usage.  These last two items now fall into the “green” category — minimizing the use of water and electricity obviously, have “green” benefits.  This has always been a goal for most industrial water treatment systems. In addition to conserving water and energy, industrial water treatment companies now have some additional options to pursue “green” treatment initiatives.  These can include the use of solid treatment products and on-site generation of oxidant solutions.  Both these strategies preserve the original goals of minimizing water and energy use while reducing the carbon footprint of traditional treatment products related to their production and transportation.  In addition, site safety is improved in that these products are considered “non-hazardous” versus concentrated liquids that are typically used in industrial water treatment systems. Applying a green water treatment strategy is not a “one-size-fits-all” scenario.  Summit Laboratories has many sites where we are implementing “green” strategies using various combinations of products and equipment. If you have questions or an interest in making your industrial water treatment systems more in line with “green” initiatives, contact your water treatment experts at Summit Laboratories at 303-293-9862.