Cooling Products

Cooling Water Product Listing:

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors – Phosphate and molybdate-free products are available.

Biocides – oxidizing and non-oxidizing. Bromine is now available as a one-drum stable liquid – F-290 Call for pricing and recommendations.

Dispersants – help penetrate biofilms and remove existing deposits on line.

Closed Loop Inhibitors – Nitrites, molybdates, and organics for chilled, hot, and process waters.

Potable Inhibitors – control of corrosion in drinking water applications.


Cooling water is commonly used to reject heat from a chiller or manufacturing process. Untreated cooling water will allow scale to form in this heat exchange equipment, corrode system metallurgy, and support the growth of slime-forming bacteria.

scale (1)

A proper water treatment program for your cooling system will control corrosion, scale, and deposit formation. Clean heat exchange tubes minimize compressor power consumption, reduce head pressure, and don’t require shutdown for cleaning.

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Cooling waters can contain high levels of bacteria, fungi, molds, and yeasts. A well-controlled biocide program will prevent these microorganisms from fouling cooling equipment. A poor-controlled biocide program will also increase the risk of spreading Legionnaire’s disease from the cooling water. Call Summit Labs to verify the presence of bacteria and/or Legionella. We can also recommend the ideal control strategy and equipment necessary to prevent biofouling.