Cooling tower water treatment is an integral part of many industrial plants and processes.  Here’s an overview: Cooling water is commonly used to reject heat from a chiller or manufacturing process. Untreated cooling water will allow scale to form, corrode system metallurgy, and support the growth of slime-forming microorganisms in heat-exchange equipment. A proper water treatment program for your cooling system will control corrosion, scale, deposit formation, and microbiological slimes. Clean heat-exchange tubes minimize compressor power consumption in chillers, reduce head pressure, extend the life of equipment, and eliminate the need to shut-down for cleaning. It’s important to choose the right chemical treatment for your cooling tower water, as operating conditions, water quality, and system metallurgy are all affected by the treatment. With the correct water treatment program, the plant heat-exchange equipment will operate efficiently and reduce downtime. Choosing a Firm to Help You with Cooling Water Treatments Choosing the right water treatment company can be daunting.  The cost should be one consideration, of course.  Experience, training, support, and thoroughness are also key considerations to ensure the best results with your water treatment program. Summit Laboratories, a leader in cooling tower water treatment in Colorado, offers products to address cooling water tower treatment:
  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors– Concentrated organic formulas, solid formulations, as well as phosphate and molybdate-free products.
  • Biocides– oxidizing and non-oxidizing.
  • Dispersants– help penetrate biofilms and remove existing deposits online.
  • Closed Loop Inhibitors– Nitrites, molybdates, and organics for chilled, hot, and process waters.
  • Potable Inhibitors– for the control of corrosion in drinking water applications.
  • Services offered by Summit Laboratories also include:
  • Chemical water treatment
  • Water treatment feed and control automation equipment
  • Non-chemical and green water treatment options
  • Regular water treatment consulting service
  • Operator training
  • Legionella monitoring and control
  • Corrosion studies
  • Troubleshooting and remedy of water treatment-related issues
  • Low carbon-footprint treatment methods
  • Sand filters
To request a free assessment of your cooling tower water treatment, contact Summit Laboratories at 303-293-9862.