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Green Water Treatment

Over the past several years, all things “green” have worked their way into almost all products and services, including the activities of industrial water treatment companies.  Truth be known, properly designed industrial water treatment systems have always had “green” characteristics, whether it has been framed as a “green” initiative or just plain good water treatment.  Read More

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Treating Systems With Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Over the past several years, aluminum heat exchangers are being used increasingly in closed hot water loops with hot water boilers.  The manufacturers of these hot-water boilers usually recommend the pH specifications for the fluid circulating through these aluminum heat exchangers.  The typical stated pH range is 6.0 to 8.5 to prevent corrosion of the Read More

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How Does Cooling Tower Water Treatment Work?

Cooling tower water treatment is an integral part of many industrial plants and processes.  Here’s an overview: Cooling water is commonly used to reject heat from a chiller or manufacturing process. Untreated cooling water will allow scale to form, corrode system metallurgy, and support the growth of slime-forming microorganisms in heat-exchange equipment. A proper water treatment program for Read More

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