Boiler Products


Boiler water chemistry has a direct impact on boiler efficiency and fuel use. Improper water treatment will allow scale formation and corrosion. Scale insulates boiler tubes and requires increased fuel use. A moderately scaled 250 HP boiler consumes $37,000 more fuel than the same “clean” boiler. Corrosion reduces equipment life expectancy and requires capital expenses for repair.

Complete Product Listing:

Oxygen scavengers – sulfites (liquid and powder), organics (DEHA, Carbohydrazide)

Scale control – polymers, phosphates, chelants, various blends

Condensate Treatment – concentrated amine blends

Boiler Cleaning – new system boil-out chemicals, on-line descalers

Custom Blends – contact Summit Labs for special situation blends. We have formulated low-phosphate blends, on-line descalers, one-drum products and custom oxygen scavengers for our customers.

Equipment – See our equipment page for boiler feed and control equipment.


Boiler Scale

Boiler scale and deposits form when impurities precipitate on hot boiler tubes.These insulate boiler tubes and require excess fuel use to generate the same amount of steam. Control of incoming water hardness and iron are keys to controlling deposits and scale. Summit Labs can analyze your water quality and recommend products to prevent scale and deposits and eliminate the need for boiler acid washing.The fuel savings will show a quick and measurable payback!



Corrosion in boiler systems can quickly result in tube failure and plant shutdown.A properly-operating deaerator and an appropriate chemical program will greatly extend the life of your boiler by addressing this corrosion problem.The solution to boiler corrosion is addressed with both mechanical and chemical means.Let Summit Labs analyze your system’s performance and make recommendations to halt existing corrosion today.

NEW! Organic Oxygen Scavengers: Carbohydrazide and erythorbic acid oxygen scavengers. Eliminate the risk of using Hydrazine in your high-pressure boiler system. Carbohydrazide is a safe, liquid oxygen scavenger and hydrazine replacement. Erythorbic acid is an organic, low solids scavenger suitable for use in plants with turbines. Did you know that the Reportable Quantity (RQ) for hydrazine is 1 lb! Contact us for application information and pricing.